Thursday, 1 July 2010

Swallow update ....

Tense time yesterday afternoon watching the chaps gain the courage to leave the nest. Actually it was more like their fed-up parents getting in behind them and literally pushing them out, one by one.

In less than an hour the whole nest dynamic had changed, from the nervous chicks lining up and daring each other to fly as far as the office door ("but I'm telling you, I'm not going any further") - then to the grain bins ("pity we only eat flies, this looks like good scran") - and finally to the lowest part of the barn roof.

Now the whole brood seem to have changed into argumentative teenagers, zooming around in and out of the brew hall and chattering loudly like R2-D2 on speed.

Some things - but only a few, mind you - are beter than beer.

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