Monday, 26 April 2010

Spring is here - it's official

Signs that spring has at last arrived ...

  • The swallows are back and have started building mud-pie tenements around the doorway

  • Beer festival season has started so we are all brewing weird stuff/rebranding and blending standard brews to appeal to the tickers and scoopers - no offence, chaps, I'm happy to appear on any list which sells my beer!

  • We now stop worrying about the beer getting too cold and start worrying about keeping it cold

  • Deliveries start two hours earlier and end two hours later as the tourists fill up the handy loading bays outside our bigger clients

  • We dust off the 18's which have been unused since Christmas (in this brewery we only use them on busy accounts, in a vain attempt to save our backs!)

  • Team lunch on Friday is BBQ, not fish and chips

  • We rescue increasing numbers of walkers who have strayed off the Coast to Coast into the brewery yard

  • we have to stop the local ducks nesting in the brewery rafters

  • my hay fever starts up every time I open a pack of hops

Don't you just love it! We are really priviledged here to be able to sit back after a hard days' brewing with a glass of ale, watching the bats and the swallows and the tourists. It seems a million years since we had to dig the van out of the snow, and it's soooooo nice not to have to dress up like an arctic explorer just to come to work. Makes it all worthwhile ... lets' just hope for a brilliant summer, we are overdue one, surely?